Traveling cognitive science lab aims to build student interest in STEM disciplines

Focus is on students from groups underrepresented in science.

A team of New York City-based scientists and artists is developing The Think Tank, which they describe as a “mobile cognitive science lab and education station that will harness intrinsic interest in the human brain and mind to get disadvantaged and STEM-underrepresented kids hooked on science.”

The group plans to partner this fall with members of Daniel Casasanto’s lab on a tour of schools and museums. The tour will feature demonstrations of neural recording equipment and a lab in which students can design their own experiments. Casasanto is on the faculty of the psychology department at the New School for Social Research.

A fund-raising gala to support The Think Tank will be held on June 18 at the Macauley Honors College of CUNY. The Amygdaloids, a rock band featuring New York University neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux, will perform at the gala.