Nominate inspirational faculty for $25,000 Beckman Award

The Beckman Award was established to recognize current or former faculty who have inspired their former students to “create an organization which has demonstrably conferred a benefit on the community at large” or to “establish on a lasting basis a concept, procedure, or movement of comparable benefit to the community at large.” Preference is given to faculty in psychology, medicine and law. Each winner receives $25,000.

The award is named in memory of psychologist Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman (1898-1988), who taught at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. 

Previous psychologists who have received the award include: 


  • Nancy Boyd Franklin (Rutgers University) 

  • Laura Brown (University of Washington) 

  • Edna Foa (Temple University) 

  • Richard Halgin (University of Massachusetts) 

  • Sharon Horne (University of Memphis) 

  • Nadine Kaslow (Emory University) 

  • Phyllis Katz (CUNY) 

  • Nancy Russo (UCLA) 

  • Sandy Shullman (Kent State University) 

  • Carolyn Tucker (University of Florida)


  • Raymond P. Lorion (Towson University) 

  • Etiony Aldarondo (University of Miami) 

  • Jessica Henderson Daniel (Harvard Medical School) 

  • Michelle Fine (CUNY) 

  • Howard S. Friedman (University of California, Riverside) 

  • Elizabeth Louise Glisky (University of Arizona) 

  • Janet E. Helms (Boston College) 

  • Marsha Linehan (University of Washington) 

  • Susan McDaniel (University of Rochester) 

  • Alice Anne Medalia (Columbia University) 

  • Frances V. Mervyn  (Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology) 

  • Bonnie Strickland (University of Massachusetts) 

  • Stanley Sue (Palo Alto University) 

  • Bruce Wampold (University of Wisconsin)

See the Beckman Award website for additional information and nomination materials. The deadline for submitting nominations for the next round of awards is July 15, 2013.