The 2013 APA Dissertation Research Award recipients

Forty-seven graduate students received funding for their research.

The American Psychological Association (APA) congratulates the outstanding graduate students who have been awarded 2013 APA Dissertation Research Awards. These awards are made annually by the APA Science Directorate to promising graduate students to assist with the costs of their dissertation research. Students may apply for funding of up to $5,000. (See the award website for additional information.)

Out of 178 applications this year, three students with the highest rated proposals received awards of up to $4,500, and 44 students received awards of up to $1,000. Listed below are the names and dissertation projects of each of the winners.

Recipients of Awards of up to $4,500

Megan McClintick, Oregon Health and Science University 

"Relationship between Temperament, Resting State Functional Connectivity, and Heavy Drinking in Cynomolgus and Rhesus Macaques"

Megan McClintickMegan McClintick’s dissertation research is focused on the relationship between temperament, alcohol self-administration and functional neural networks at rest. Specifically, she is interested in understanding how certain temperaments may act as risk factors for heavy alcohol consumption, and how these risk factors correlate with atypical resting-state functional connectivity between limbic and prefrontal cortical areas. She is also interested in changes in behavior and neural networks following alcohol consumption as consequences of alcohol use.

McClintick earned her BS in human biology and BS in psychology from Michigan State University in 2010. She entered the Behavioral Neuroscience program at the Oregon Health & Science University in 2010, where she is currently a PhD candidate in Kathleen Grant’s laboratory. 

Daisy Segovia, John Jay College of Criminal Justice  

"The Legal System and Memory for Analogue Traumatic Experiences" 

Daisy Segovia Memory distortion for trauma is common. Daisy Segovia’s dissertation is focused on how cognitive processing at the time of an analogue traumatic event might affect memory accuracy for that event, particularly in legal contexts. Specifically, she is interested in whether cross-examination is an appropriate legal safeguard with traumatized people given that they often believe their original memory is disorganized and lacks detail. 

Segovia graduated with a BS in psychology from the University of California, Davis. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in the Psychology & Law program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the CUNY Graduate Center, where she works under the supervision of Deryn Strange.  

Adam Steinmetz, University of Iowa  

"Role of Cannabinoid Receptors in Cerebellar Learning" 

Adam SteinmetzCannabis is the most widely used psychoactive substance in the world and consumption rates have increased substantially during the past 25 years. The cerebellum has the highest density of cannabinoid receptors within the mammalian brain and may be an area where cannabinoids produce effects on behavior and cognition. Adam Steinmetz’s dissertation focuses on understanding the role of cannabinoid receptors within the cerebellum in associative motor learning.  

Steinmetz graduated with a BS in Psychology and a BS in Neuroscience from Indiana University in 2009. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in John Freeman’s lab at the University of Iowa. He will continue his training as a post-doctoral fellow with Cristina Alberini at New York University.

Recipients of Awards up to $1,000

Antony Abraham, Oregon Health and Science University
"The Role of Dopamine D1 Receptors in Fear Extinction"

David Barry, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
"Evaluating a Novel Eye Tracking Tool to Detect Invalid Responding in NeuroCognitive Assessment"

Lauren Bradley, Drexel University
"A Remote, Acceptance-Based Intervention for Regain after Bariatric Surgery"

Katie Burkhouse, Binghamton University, SUNY
"A Multi-Method Assessment of Emotional Reactivity in Adolescent Depression"

Brittany Cassidy, Brandeis University
"Behavioral and Neural Responses to Appearance-Behavior Congruity in Healthy Aging"

Shana Cole, New York University
"Seeing is for Self-Control: Motivated Perceptual Processes Aid Temptation Resistance"

Jeanne Cundiff, University of Utah
"Hierarchy and Health: Effects of Relative Status, Partner Dominance, and Evaluative Threat on Psychophysiological Response during Social Interaction"

Torry Dennis, University of Texas at Arlington
"Modulation of Acute Cocaine-Induced tVTA Activation by Estradiol"

Michael Dulas, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Age-Related Changes in Overcoming Proactive Interference in Associative Memory: The Role of VLPFC-Mediated Post-Retrieval Selection"

Cynthia Fast, University of California, Los Angeles
"The Role of Learning History and the Hippocampus in the Use of Imagery by Rats"

Carlton Fong, University of Texas at Austin
"The Effect of Negative Feedback on Intrinsic Motivation: A Meta-Analysis"

Erika Fulton, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Can Younger and Older Adults Judge the Quality of their Text Summaries?"

Emily Fyfe, Vanderbilt University
"Is That Correct? Clarifying the Effects of Feedback during Mathematical Problem Solving"

Carolyn Gibson, University of Pittsburgh
"Vasomotor Symptoms and Negative Affect: An Ambulatory Assessment of Midlife Women"

Katherine Goldey, University of Michigan
"Pleasure, Autonomy, and Testosterone: Contextual Influences on Sexual Modulation of Testosterone in Women"

Jennifer Green, University of Virginia
"The Age of Anxiety: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective on Age and Anxiety across the Adult Lifespan"

Katherine Hanson, University of Massachusetts — Amherst
"The Influence of Early Media Exposure on Children’s Development and Learning"

Xiaoqing Hu, Northwestern University
"Neurocognitive Mechanisms Underlying Unwanted Memory Control in a Concealed Memory Detection Context"

Neha John-Henderson, University of California, Berkeley
"The Role of Oxytocin and Social Support in the SES-Health Gradient"

Zornitsa Kalibatseva, Michigan State University
"Self-Control, Loss of Face, and Emotion Regulation and their Association with Depression and Physical Symptoms among Chinese American and European American College Students"

Hang-Shim Lee, University of Missouri
"Predicting the Job and Life Satisfaction of Women Engineers: A Test of Lent's (2004) Unifying Social Cognitive Career Theory of Well-Being"

Pan Priscilla Lui, Purdue University
"Disentangling Universal and Culture-Specific Risks to Mental Health among Asian Americans: A Multisite Longitudinal Investigation"

Douglas Markant, New York University
"Adaptive Sampling: A Computational Framework for Evaluating Self-Directed Learning"

Sarah Martindale, Baylor University
"Project NECCO: Neuropsychological Evaluation of Comorbid Conditions in OEF/OIF/OND Veterans"

Tracy McCausland, George Mason University
"Chronological Age and Training Outcomes: Examining Psychological Processes and Cognitive Ability"

Naomi McKay, State University of New York at Buffalo
"The Role of the Endogenous GLP-1 System in Body Fluid Homeostasis"

Isha Metzger, University of South Carolina
"Profiles of African American College Students' Risky Behaviors: Culturally-Specific Stress and Social Support as Factors of Risk and Resilience?"

Katherine O’Brien, Rice University
"Just Saying 'No': An Examination of Gender Differences in the Ability to Decline Requests in the Workplace"

Jason Oliver, University of South Florida
"Effects of Nicotine Withdrawal on Motivation, Reward Sensitivity and Reward-Learning"

Brian Padilla, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"Psychological Distress among Deported Guatemalan Immigrants Separated from Family Remaining in the United States"

Kristina Patrick, Drexel University
"Factors Related to Driving Abilities of Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders"

Rebecca Pearl, Yale University
"The Impact of Weight Stigma on Exercise: Effects and Explanations"

Rebecca Reed, University of Arizona
"Interpersonal Emotion Patterns and Immune Recovery in Adult Couples"

Douglas Schultz, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
"Changes in Resting-State Functional Connectivity Following Delay and Trace Fear Conditioning"

Inkyung Song, University of Florida
"Conditioned Fear and Sensory Gain Mechanisms in Human Visual Cortex"

Catherine Talbot, Georgia State University
"Recognition of Pictures and Social Relationships among Chimpanzees"

Ellen Terry, University of Tulsa
"Does Brief CBT to Decrease Pain Catastrophizing Modulate Pain Signaling within the Spinal Cord?"

Elyse Thakur, Wayne State University
"The Effects of Emotional Awareness and Expression Training and Relaxation Training for People with Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Randomized Trial"

Christina Tzeng, Emory University
"The Effects of Prosody on Event Representation in Memory"

Sharda Umanath, Duke University
"Protective Prior Knowledge and Semantic Illusions in Aging"

Nathaniel Van Kirk, Virginia Tech
"Clinical Validation of the Obsessive Compulsive Consequences Scale-Revised"

Amanda Watson, Virginia Tech
"Individual Differences in Inhibitory Control Skills at Four Years of Age"

Noreen Watson, Texas Tech University
"State and Trait Symptoms of Social Anxiety: Risk Factors for the Maintenance and Relapse of Smoking Behaviors"

Benjamin Wigert, University of Nebraska at Omaha
"The Influence of Divergent Thinking, Convergent Thinking, and Problem Construction on Creative Problem Solving"