Nominations invited for APA boards and committees

All members of the American Psychological Association are invited to submit nominations for members of the following APA boards and committees:

  • Board of Scientific Affairs 
  • Board of Educational Affairs 
  • Publications and Communications Board 
  • Board of Convention Affairs
  • Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest 
  • Board of Professional Affairs 
  • Policy and Planning Board 
  • Membership Board 
  • Finance Committee 
  • Ethics Committee 
  • Committee on International Relations in Psychology 
  • Committee on Rural Health 
  • Committee on Structure and Function of Council 
  • Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice 
  • Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology

These boards and committees report directly to the Board of Directors and Council of Representatives. (Other APA governance committees report to and have their members selected by these groups, rather than the Board of Directors or Council of Representatives.)

Nominations can be submitted on the  nominations website (login using MyAPA account ID and password). The deadline for submitting nominations is Feb. 24, 2014.

Self-nominations are welcome. Nomination materials include name, contact information and CV/resume.

Following the nomination deadline, slates of three names for each opening will be developed by the relevant board or committee. The Board of Directors will review and approve the slates at its June meeting. The Council of Representatives will then vote on each slate in the fall. The individuals who receive the highest numbers of votes (one winner per slate) will join the boards and committees in 2015.

See boards and committees for further information about these governance groups. Questions can be directed to Garnett Coad, director of elections (phone: 202-336-6087).