From the Executive Director

Bringing the science of psychology to the public

New APA education campaign targets high school students, teachers and counselors.

By Steven Breckler, PhD

New APA education campaign targets high school students, teachers and counselors.The new Science in Action campaign was developed as part of APA’s strategic plan, to support our goal of promoting psychology as a STEM discipline. As with any public education campaign, careful consideration needs to be given to the intended target audience. For this campaign, we are focusing on high school students, teachers and counselors.

As readers of Psychological Science Agenda will know, psychology is not generally taught as a STEM discipline in the K-12 curriculum. In partnership with our disciplinary colleagues, APA has been pressing the National Academy of Sciences to stand up for psychology and behavioral science in this regard. Writing in the September, 2013 issue of APA’s Monitor on Psychology, I made the case that all of science and science education will benefit as more students and their teachers understand psychology as the STEM discipline it is.

High school students, along with their teachers and counselors, represent some of the earliest audiences in the pipeline of science education. The Science in Action campaign is designed to offer interesting, compelling, science-based vignettes and resources that will enlighten and educate high school students and their teachers.

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