Task Force on Statistical Inference

The Board of Scientific Affairs (BSA) established the Task Force on Statistical Inference (TFSI) in 1996. The purpose of the task force was to elucidate some of the controversial issues surrounding the applications of statistics including significance testing and its alternatives; alternative underlying models and data transformation; and newer methods made possible by powerful computers. At its first meeting, the TFSI identified its charge as being broadly focused on assessing current practices in the analysis of psychological data. The reports of the task force are available online (links provided below)

Task Force Members

  • Co-Chair: Robert Abelson 
  • Co-Chair: Robert Rosenthal 
  • Leona Aiken 
  • Mark Appelbaum 
  • Gwyneth Boodoo 
  • David Kenny 
  • Helena Kraemer 
  • Donald Rubin 
  • Bruce Thompson 
  • Howard Wainer 
  • Leland Wilkinson

TFSI Publications/Links