Testimonials From Previous SSC Representatives

“My experience serving as a representative was invaluable, helping me to identify as a psychologist in addition to my specialization, challenging me to act as an advocate, and developing my professional identify as a scholar and colleague.”

Winny Shen, PhD, Industrial/Organizational Representative (2009-2011)


“Serving as a representative was a great opportunity to interact with researchers across different areas of psychology.”

Jennifer Brielmaier, PhD, Biopsychology Representative (2007-2008)


“This experience inspired me to become more involved in the research community.”

—Kelly Dunn, PhD, Behavioral Neuroscience Representative (2006-2007)


“It was a great opportunity to meet some of my psychology research idols and to learn more about the inner workings of APA and all that it does for psychologists.”

Janet Tomiyama, PhD, Health Representative (2006-2007)


"As a student, this experience opened my eyes to APA's critical role in the ongoing need to advocate psychological science."

David Gallo, PhD, Cognitive Representative (2001-2002)


“Serving on the Science Student Council provided an excellent opportunity to learn about the critical issues facing the field, interact with students from other programs, and gain a better understanding of psychology’s unique role in promoting and disseminating science.”

Bethany Teachman, PhD, Clinical Science Representative (2000-2001)