Testing Governance in APA

APA has many permanent governance groups that monitor major programs within the association. In addition, ad hoc committees, task forces or working groups are occasionally appointed to gather information or develop policy when the need arises. A number of testing governance groups are currently active:

The Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment (CPTA) is a nine-member permanent committee that acts as APA's authority on issues relating to testing and assessment. CPTA's responsibilities include:

  • Considering problems regarding sound psychological testing and assessment practices, and initiating discussions with specific agencies and institutions outside APA concerning sound testing and assessment practices; 

  • Serving as technical advisors to other APA boards and Ccmmittees on all issues effecting testing and assessment as it involves policy, practice and science; 

  • Monitoring actions of government and other organizations concerning regulation and control of assessment and testing practices, and making appropriate recommendations; and 

  • Maintaining a knowledge of and concern regarding current policy issues on the use of tests and assessment in clinical, counseling, educational and employment settings. CPTA meets twice a year, in the fall and spring, and it welcomes suggestions from members and the public on issues warranting their consideration.