The career options for psychological scientists extend beyond faculty and research positions within academic institutions. APA aims to inform both graduate students and established psychologists about the broad range of non-academic positions in which they can apply their scientific knowledge and skills. Psychological scientists have many opportunities and much to contribute in such fields as business, communications, design, education, engineering, government, health, human services, law, public policy, safety and transportation.

Psychologists in Action

"I'm a Psychologist"

Whether it's solving complex problems, asking new questions about human behavior or thinking critically about how we've always done things, psychological science gives you the potential to make a difference in any aspect of life.


The essays below are written by doctoral-level psychological scientists who have pursued a variety of career paths. Writing in a personal and informal style, these psychologists discuss their training, how they came to learn about and obtain the positions they have held, the nature of their work and work settings, what it takes to be successful in their fields, the advantages and disadvantages of the positions they have held and other opportunities for psychologists in their fields.

Most of these first-person accounts were originally published in APA's Psychological Science Agenda (PSA). Included below is a sample of the stories that have appeared since 1994. (The series was paused in 2005 and restarted in 2009.) Additional stories will appear in future issues of PSA and will be posted here as well.

Psychology: Science in Action