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  • 1.Humanitas
    Requiems for Eugene Taylor and Joseph Roth.
    Newsletter Article (January 2014)
  • 2.Humanity's Dark Side: Evil, Destructive Experience, and Psychotherapy
    The human capacity for destructiveness is often referred to as humanity's "dark side." In this book, prominent writers share different, sometimes opposing views on humanity's dark side and consider how these views impact their clinical practice.
    Book/Monograph (August 2012)
  • 3.Humanitas #8: Search for the new land
    Ed Mendelowitz surveys the domain of current existential-humanistic psychology, critiquing what he perceives as our ethical and imaginative lapses and eloquently pointing the way toward a vision of what is possible.
    Newsletter Article (April 2012)
  • 4.Humanitas #7: Sun Ship, the late recordings of John Coltrane
    Ed Mendelowitz's column describes an American icon's existential journey in "Sun Ship: The Late Recordings of John Coltrane."
    Newsletter Article (December 2011)
  • 5.Humanitas #6: The Great Wall of China
    The following thoughts, adapted from Ethics and Lao-Tzu and “Building the Great Wall of China,” are set down as a sort of reverie in the aftermath of the recent conference in Chicago. Many division members encountered there for the first time important new voices from East Asia.
    Newsletter Article (April 2011)
  • 6.Humanitas - Pirandello's "Late Mattia Pascal"
    Ed Mendelowitz brings us another edition of Humanitas
    Newsletter Article (January 2011)
  • 7.Psychology, Science, & the Sea
    Ed Mendelowitz invites readers to participate in the fascinating journey of exploring the depths of the psyche, meaning and experience
    Newsletter Article (April 2010)
  • 8.Solaris: (Interstellar Space)
    Solarisis a work about the strange goings-on encountered by cosmonauts on a space station that hovers ominously over the ocean-planet Solaris
    Newsletter Article (January 2010)
  • 9.Reflections on Waltz With Bashir
    In this continuing column, Dr. Mendelowitz examines Ari Folman’s 2008 Israeli film "Waltz with Bashir (With God on Our Side)"
    Newsletter Article (October 2009)
  • 10.Projections of The Self
    This monthly column on film and psychology focuses on the Tragicomedy La Strada & Soul Murder.
    Newsletter Article (April 2009)
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Results 110 of 10 for "Mendelowitz, Edward"X