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  • 1.50 Activities and Games for Kids with ADHD
    All the best games, puzzles, activities, tips, and resources from BRAKES, the popular newsletter for kids with ADD and ADHD, are brought together in this exciting collection.
    Children's Book (May 2006)
  • 2.Oh Brother! Growing Up With a Special Needs Sibling
    Being the brother or sister of a child with special needs has special challenges. And Becca has some great ideas for dealing with them—after she accepts that she can't send her brother Jonathan to another planet!
    Children's Book (April 2004)
  • 3.The Year My Mother Was Bald
    A scrapbook filled with drawings, photos, medical clippings, and resources, this book offers a wealth of information about cancer, its diagnosis, and its treatment.
    Children's Book (November 2002)
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Results 13 of 3 for "Sternberg, Kate"X