APA Launches One-Stop Platform for Subscribing to E-Newsletters and Alerts

APA has created a new space within MyAPA where you can manage your e-newsletter subscriptions and email subscriptions to informational alerts. This page, entitled "Manage my E-Newsletter & Alert Opt-ins," shows the breadth of information available to you as a benefit of your APA membership. Newsletters you already receive have been pre-selected for you. Visit the page to see if there are other items you'd like us to send. Click on the "more info" link to get a description of the newsletter or alert and its frequency. Click "less info" to make the descriptive text disappear.

A new and exciting feature we're offering through this portal is the ability for you to receive special alerts when APA publishes research in areas that interest you. You can choose from several pre-set categories such as autism, schizophrenia, depression or customize alerts based on your specific needs or areas of specialization. See the "Research Alerts" section near the bottom of the page to order this new service.

You can also subscribe to APA press releases, updates about new publications (i.e., books and journals) and highlights from APA's Monitor on Psychology and gradPSYCH.

The first time you access this page through your myAPA account, you'll see check marks in the boxes next to newsletters you are already receiving. If there are others on the list you'd like to try, check their boxes, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save All Updates."

If at any time you'd like to change your e-newsletter and alert subscriptions, come back to the opt-in page and uncheck whatever you'd like to stop or merely postpone because you'll be on vacation, for example. The choices – and the control – are up to you. We hope you enjoy this feature.