APA response to international disasters

How does APA decide on a response?

APA’s response to international disasters, based on procedures endorsed by the APA Board of Directors, focuses on providing information in the short term and developing partnerships and capacity building over the longer term. APA’s first level response includes providing rapid and relevant information on psychosocial approaches to disaster mental health and longer term recovery, making available international guidelines for first level response to disasters, working with international organizations to provide materials and expertise, when requested, and initiating contact with the local psychology institutions and organizations, when possible.

APA’s domestic Disaster Response Network may also provide services to local US communities with connections to the affected international area.

In addition to providing psychological expertise, APA may, on the approval of the Board of Directors, provide direct financial contributions to relief agencies. An ad hoc advisory group of experts in psychosocial intervention in international contexts, established by APA’s Committee on International Relations, provides input to the decision making process and helps APA develop information and resources for international disaster response.

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