Guidelines for the sale of labels for undergraduate departments of psychology

Charges for Undergraduate Department mailing labels:

  • Base rate = $0.20 per label.

Counts will change, please check with CWS for current number.

  • $1,256 4-year schools only no graduate departments

  • $457 4-year schools  with graduate departments

  • $1,036 2-year schools

50% discount for:

  • APA divisions,

  • State Associations,

  • Chairs of Psychology Departments,

  • Directors of Training Programs

Shipping (via Federal Express or UPS) charge to be determined by cost that appears when label is generated

Requesters should send COPIES of all materials to be mailed with a cover letter explaining the purpose of the mailing. Requests involving surveys of departments of psychology will not be considered.

Mailing lists will not be provided on magnetic media. Only pressure-sensitive (gummed) mailing labels are available for purchase. The mailing lists are for a one time use only and cannot be reproduced, resold, or reused in any form without the APA's written consent.

Be sure to include your mailing address and billing address if different. Federal Express CANNOT deliver to P.O. Boxes or P.O. ZIP Codes.

Mail package to:
List/Label Request
750 First St. NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242