2007: APA Early Career Psychologists Survey

Center for Workforce Studies
APA Center for Workforce Studies
June 2008

The APA Center for Workforce Studies (CWS) administered the 2007 Early Career Psychologists Survey at the request of the Committee on Early Career Psychologists and the Membership Services Office. We acknowledge the support of Norman B. Anderson, PhD, executive vice-president and chief executive officer of APA, and Steven Breckler, PhD, executive director of the Science Directorate. We thank the Membership Services Office and the Practice and Education Directorates for their input in the creation of the instrument.

Finally, we are most appreciative of APA's early career psychologists who responded to the survey and provided feedback, and to the early career psychologists who participated but are not members of APA. Without their cooperation in completing the questionnaire, this report would not be possible.