Section 4 Administration of Research

There were 127 full-time, doctoral-level research administrators who responded to the 1997 Salary Survey. These positions involve the management or administration of a research organization or program. Although individuals employed in these positions also may be involved in other aspects of the research process (e.g., design, data collection and analyses), their primary responsibility is managing research, including the supervision of research personnel. Summary statistics are presented in Table 4.

The largest proportions of respondents were working as administrators in private research firms (20%) and government research organizations (16%). These were followed by other non-profit organizations (11%), university research centers (8%), and business/industry (7%).

The most frequently reported subfields were clinical (25%), social, industrial/ organizational, and experimental at 9% each, quantitative/mathematical/psychometrics/ statistics (8%), and educational (4%).

The overall 11-12-month median salary for doctoral respondents in research administration was $70,000.

Table 4: Administration of Research--Doctoral-level, 11-12-Month Salaries for Selected Positions: 1997

Figure 4: Research Administration--Doctoral Level