Section 6. Direct Human Services - Counseling (Licensed)

Six hundred and eight respondents were licensed and indicated that they were involved in the delivery of human services at the doctoral level in counseling psychology. More than half were employed in independent practices (57%), comprising 37% in individual private practice and 20% in group private practices. The next largest group (19%) was working in various other human service settings such as counseling/guidance centers, rehabilitation facilities, specialized health services (e.g., substance abuse programs), and nursing homes. Approximately 10% and 5% of these licensed, doctoral-level respondents claimed that they worked in hospitals and clinics (e.g., CMHCs, HMOs, outpatient clinics), respectively. Two percent each identified secondary educational settings/school district offices and government organizations/criminal justice system as their primary work environment. All other employment settings were represented at less than 2% for this group.

The overall 11-12-month median salary for licensed doctoral-level counseling psychologists was $57,000. Frequency distributions and summary statistics can be found in Figure 6 and Table 6, respectively.

Table 6: Direct Human Service Positions (Licensed Only): Counseling Psychology--Doctoral-level, 11-12-Month Salaries for Selected Settings: 1997

Figure 6: Direct Human Service Positions--Counseling Psychology-- (Licensed Only)--Doctoral Level