Section 2. Educational Administration

Educational administration refers to administrative positions in college or university settings (e.g., president, provost, or dean). These individuals may also hold a faculty appointment. Department chairs, however, are excluded from this category; their salaries are reported by academic rank in Section 1. The category also includes school superintendents or other administrative positions related to education.

The 140 doctoral-level respondents in this category were most likely to be employed in university administrative offices (24%), while 14% were in school system district offices. Eleven percent could be found in both four-year and two-year college administrative offices, 6% in other educational settings, and 4% in university psychology departments, free-standing schools of professional psychology, and other university academic departments.

Figure 2 presents the summary statistics and frequency distributions for the doctoral-level respondents in this category. Table 2 presents 11-12-month salaries by years of experience and employment setting.

The largest single proportion of educational administrators claimed school psychology as their major subfield (16%), followed by clinical (14%), counseling (12%), industrial/ organizational (11%), and educational psychology (7%).

Doctoral-level respondents in educational administration reported a median 11-12-month salary of $75,000.

Table 2: Educational Administration Positions--Doctoral-level, 11-12-Month Salaries for Selected Settings: 1997

Figure 2: Educational Administration--Doctoral Level