Section 1. Faculty Positions

As is typically the case, respondents in doctoral-level faculty positions comprised one of the largest groups of respondents to this survey (N=2,589). Incumbents in these positions primarily were involved in university settings (61%), specifically university psychology departments (44%), university education departments (7%), university business departments (3%), and other academic departments in universities (5%). Fifteen percent were employed in four-year college settings and 3% were in two-year colleges. Eighteen percent were working in medical school settings and 2% reported professional schools (free standing and other professional schools).

The largest percentage of doctoral faculty in 1997 was in clinical psychology (26%), followed by social/personality psychology (13%). Ten percent claimed developmental and 8% claimed counseling psychology as their subfield in psychology. Experimental psychologists and industrial/organizational psychologists were each represented at 6%, while 4% of the respondents specialized in cognitive psychology. Three percent of doctoral faculty identified educational psychology, health psychology, and school psychology each as their subfield. Two percent or less of the remaining doctoral faculty reported any of the other subfields such as neuroscience, physiology/psychobiology, and community psychology.

Frequency distributions and summary statistics are presented for doctoral-level faculty in Figure 1. The data are reported by academic rank: full, associate, assistant professor, lecturer/instructor and other faculty positions.

Table 1 contains salary information in specific employment settings by rank. Faculty salaries typically are reported on a 9-10-month basis and the salaries reported in Table 1 reflect this. Faculty in research centers or institutes or medical and professional schools are often paid on an 11-12-month basis. The 9-10-month salaries can be converted to their 11-12-month equivalents by multiplying the reported salaries by 11/9.

The overall median 9-10-month faculty salary was $48,000 in 1997. Graduate faculty salaries are examined in more detail, including breakdowns by years in rank, type of institution (e.g., public or private), and geographic region, in the report, 1997-98 Faculty Salaries in Graduate Departments of Psychology (Wicherski, Williams, and Kohout, 1998).

Table 1: Faculty Positions--Doctoral-level, 9-10-Month Salaries for Selected Positions: 1997

Figure 1: Faculty Positions--Doctoral Level