Section 9. Administration of Human Services

Section 9 contains salary information for positions involving the administration of human services, i.e., positions that involve managing or directing a program of human services. Although these individuals may be involved in the delivery of services, their primary responsibility is the administration of such activities, including the supervision of personnel. Salaries for the 519 respondents in this position are reported in Figure 9 and Table 9.

As we might expect, most of the psychologists in administration of human services were employed in organized settings. Twenty-eight percent were employed in non-university- affiliated guidance centers, specialized health service settings, and nursing homes. Twenty-two percent were positioned in clinics, CMHCs, and HMOs. Twenty-one percent worked in hospitals, 11% were located in university or college counseling centers, and eight percent were employed with the criminal justice system. Four percent worked in individual or group private practices.

Most respondents (61%) claimed clinical psychology as a major field in 1997. Counseling psychology was indicated by 26%, followed by school psychology at 2%. There were fewer than 2% each in all other subfields (e.g., developmental, educational, rehabilitation).

The overall median 11-12-month salary for health service administrators at the doctoral level was $54,000.

Table 9: Administration of Human Services--Doctoral-level, 11-12-Month Salaries for Selected Settings: 1997

Figure 9: Administration of Human Services--Doctoral Level