Section 11. Applied Psychology Positions (Other Psychology)

Individuals whose positions may best be described as applied psychology and whose current major field is one other than industrial/organizational psychology are included in this section. Typically, these individuals are engaged in organizational consultation, marketing research, systems/equipment design or other applied psychology activities. There were 127 doctoral-level respondents in these positions in 1997 and their salaries are reported in Figure 11 and Table 11.

The largest single proportion of respondents was employed in consulting firms (31%), followed by 17% who were employed with the government (federal, state, and local) and the criminal justice system. Thirteen percent were employed in business or industry, 12% had individual or group practices, and 8% were self-employed.

With 30% of the respondents, clinical was the most often mentioned field for this group. Seventeen percent indicated that they were in counseling and 7% identified themselves in the broad area of quantitative/mathematics/psychometrics/statistics. Six percent claimed experimental psychology as their subfield.

The overall 11-12-month median salary for doctoral-level psychologists in these positions was $67,000.

Table 11: Applied Psychology (Other Subfields)--Doctoral-level, 11-12-Month Salaries for Selected Settings: 1997

Figure 11: Applied Psychology (Other Subfields)--Doctoral Level