Section 13. Other Administrative Positions

These positions often involve managerial responsibilities in a business, government or nonprofit association that cannot be described as the direct administration of educational, research or human services or other applied psychology activities. These positions may be related to psychology, such as administration of government programs related to research funding, management of programs concerned with psychological issues in a nonprofit association and personnel administration. There were 85 respondents at the doctoral level in 1997.

The largest single proportion was employed in business/industry settings (32%), followed by government settings (24%), and other non-profit organizations (16%). Sixteen percent of respondents also were employed in health care settings. Although scattered across a variety of settings, most of these respondents could be found outside academia.

Industrial/organizational psychology was the subfield of 35% of the respondents, followed by clinical psychology (26%). Counseling psychologists were represented at 6%. Five percent reported experimental psychology as their major field.

The overall 11-12-month salary for doctoral-level respondents in other administrative positions was $72,000. Not surprisingly for a catch-all category, the range of salaries was quite large. The mean of $96,459 and standard deviation of $83,542 indicates that the range of reported salaries extended from the mid-thirties to well over $100,000.

Table 13: Other Administrative Positions--Doctoral-level, 11-12-Month Salaries for Selected Settings: 1997

Figure 13: Other Administrative Positions--Doctoral Level