Section 12. Administration of Applied Psychology

There were 87 respondents in these administrative positions. Administration of applied psychology includes the management of an organization or program in applied psychology, such as a firm specializing in market research or in industrial/organizational psychology. The primary responsibility of individuals in these positions is the administration of such programs, including the supervision of personnel. Figure 12 and Table 12 contain salary data on these respondents.

The largest single proportion was located in consulting firms (33%), followed by 17% in business and industry settings. About 21% were employed in a variety of organized health care settings (e.g., CMHCs, HMOs, nursing homes, guidance centers) or independent practices.

The largest group of respondents in this position specialize in industrial/organizational psychology (48%), followed by clinical at 17% and counseling at 13%.

The overall median 11-12-month salary for doctoral-level respondents was $83,000 in 1997. The standard deviation (72,565) is large for this group, indicating substantial variation around the mean of $110,920. Salaries of other doctoral-level psychologists (particularly industrial/organizational psychologists) involved in the administration of applied psychology may also be found in the salary report by the Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology (SIOP) entitled, Income of SIOP Members in 1994 (Zickar and Taylor, 1996).

Table 12: Administration of Applied Psychology--Doctoral-level, 11-12-Month

Figure 12: Administration of Applied Psychology--Doctoral Level

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