Section 3. Research Positions

There were 299 respondents who worked full time in research positions in the 1997 Salary Survey. Activities associated with research positions include basic or applied research, such as non-faculty positions in academic settings, employment as an investigator in a laboratory or a research institute, and research positions in private industry.

Most of the respondents were employed in university research centers (17%). This was followed by private research organizations (15%) and combined medical school settings (13%). Government research organizations claimed 12% of the researchers, while 6% were within both university psychology departments and other nonprofit organizations. Veteran's Administration (VA) hospitals housed 4% of the researchers.

The summary statistics and frequency distributions for research positions are presented in Figure 3 . Summary statistics for 11-12-month salaries by years of work experience and employment setting are presented in Table 3.

The most frequently reported subfields were clinical (23%), social/personality (13%), experimental and industrial/organizational at 7% each, developmental, cognitive, and quantitative/mathematics/psychometrics/statistics at 6% each, and educational (4%).

The overall median 11-12-month salary for doctoral-level respondents in research positions was $50,000.

Table 3: Research Positions--Doctoral-level, 11-12-Month Salaries for Selected Positions: 1997

Figure 3: Research Positions--Doctoral Level