Special Student Activities

Special attention was paid to graduate students for the 2008 conference. Throughout the planning of sessions and logistical issues the concerns and needs of students were considered. This resulted in dramatically reduced registration fees for students as well as the following series of student-friendly special events and features:

1) Pre-conference workshop on finding, writing, and obtaining grant funding for occupational health research. This session has been designed to address these issues for advanced graduate students and junior faculty members just getting started with the grants process. More details on this session can be found under the Pre-conference Workshops tab of this website.

2) Special recognition for student-lead research: In the conference program, student research will be highlighted with a special symbol. This is meant to recognize high quality work by future professionals in the areas of occupational health research and practice. We are encouraging all professionals to spend some time visiting these poster, paper, and symposia sessions in particular to facilitate networking and constructive feedback sharing.

3) During the Society for Occupational Health Psychology (SOHP) Social, a special effort will be made to link students and professionals in a social atmosphere. The details of the 2008 event are top-secret, but you can be sure this will be one social not to miss. If you are interested in OHP-related research and practice you should plan on atteding this event!

4) A new professional opportunities resource: With the support of SOHP, the graduate students issues committee will be debuting a web-based posting service that organizes occupational health related job, fellowship, and other opportunities. Coinciding with this debut will be a professional development resource table located near the registration area of the conference. Look for exciting postings and development information developed especially for students!

5) Special lunch-time session: A special panel has been assembled to provide students with insights into the process of turning their OHP interests into a career. Research- and practice-oriented applications will be discussed. The members of this panel include the following recent OHP career starters:

  • Carrie Bulger, Associate Professor of Psychology, Quinnipiac University
    How OHP interests helped and hindered her during the job search and how it has helped her generate valuable connections for tenure and promotion
    How the climate in I/O psych for OHP has warmed up dramatically over time

  • Laura Wheeler Poms, ABD and instructor of organizational behavior and management theory, George Mason University
    Importance of fostering an interdisciplinary perspective when developing yourself as a student, marketing yourself as a candidate, and connecting yourself with colleagues
    Also holds a MA in communication and has taken several public health course offerings to broaden her OHP reach – will speak to the importance of broadening your education

  • Russell Matthews, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Louisiana State University
    How to hit the ground running, collecting cross-sectional and longitudinal data, and knowing when to say yes/no to collaborative opportunities

  • Sarah DeArmond, Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management, College of Business Administration , University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
    Leveraging OHP background in the job search/interview process and translating it into the business school arena

  • Autumn Krauss, Kronos workforce science division
    Utilizing OHP interests and education within the realm of a consulting I-O psychologist

  • Chris Cunningham, Assistant Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
    Connecting with others by leveraging the relevance and importance of OHP in research, teaching, and consulting
    Bringing OHP to master's level psychology education; teaching tomorrow's HR managers with an eye on health and well-being