Membership Board 2011 Annual Report

Membership Board Composition and Slates

2011 Membership Board Members: Josephine Johnson, PhD, Chair; Alice Cronin-Golomb, PhD, Jose Cortina, PhD; Dorothy Holmes, PhD; Debra Park ; Cisco Sanchez, PhD, chair-elect; Nathan Smith, PhD; Bonnie Strickland, PhD; Earl Turner, PhD and Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD

The Membership Board continued to focus on broad representation from APA’s diverse membership, ethnic and linguistic minorities, early career interests, and governance newcomers when composing slates for election to the Membership Board.

Waiver Applications

The Membership Board reviewed one waiver cases and voted to recommend the applicant for membership in APA.


2011 was an impressive year for the Membership Board (MB). A review of our activities and accomplishments shows why the Membership Board is one of the most important Boards in APA. We initiated and completed several very significant projects, shepherded key motions through Council, convened productive cross-Association meetings, weighed in on essential policy documents, and gave and received recognition for distinguished contributions. In the process we forged and reinforced strong personal and professional connections. We could not have been as successful without the dedicated support of the entire MB staff. We are especially indebted to Sonja Wiggins and Rhea Farberman.

Some of the key Membership Board key events of 2011 are highlighted below:

  • Think Tank Project: Exploring ways to increase the membership of psychological scientists, particularly young science/research oriented (SRO) scientists in APA, involving the BSA, BEA, CECP, APAGS, SSC, BOD, APA Staff.

  • Membership Board lobbied strongly for and Council approved proposal to decrease dues ($40) for all members as part of a comprehensive plan to remove special discounts and step down processes. ECPs maintain reduced fees for 8 year ramp up.

  • Membership Board continued support for removing Canadian Psychological Association dues discount (supporting a 3 year ramp down to parity). At its December 2011 meeting the Board of Directors supported the change. Item will go back to Council in February 2012.

  • Council voted to allow the publication of diplomate credentials in the APA Membership Directory if the credential is in a specialty or proficiency area that is officially recognized by APA through CRSPPP. Draft procedures will go to Boards and Council in 2012.

  • Council approved changes to the current eligibility requirements for life status members (also part of the comprehensive dues revamping plan). These changes required amendments to the Association Rules and Bylaws and were put before a vote of the full membership this fall. The Membership Board wrote the Pro Statement and Rebuttal, unfortunately the proposed bylaws changes failed to receive a 2/3 membership vote of approval.

  • The Board of Directors supports the Membership Boards motion to end practice of invoicing members for back year dues. Council will vote on this item at their February 2012 meeting.

  • The Board of Directors approved using the abatement funds for convention to enhance the members’ convention experience including the Family Friendly room and activities.

  • The Membership Board supported giving observer status to Regional Psychological Associations. The Board of Directors had concerns that doing so may have larger implications regarding other groups seeking that status. The request will go to February 2012 Council.

Review of Nominations for Initial Election to APA Fellow Status

The Membership Board received the list of 2011 Initial Fellows from the Fellows Committee.