Committee on Structure and Function of Council: 2011 Annual Report


William J. Strickland, PhD, Chair; Kaye Price Laud, PhD; Larry Beutler, PhD; Sari Dworkin, PhD; Judith Olson, PhD; and John Moritsugu, PhD.

Meeting Dates

CSFC met on March 25 & 26, 2011 and November 4 & 5, 2011.

Election of CSFC Chair for 2012

Kaye Price Laud, PhD was elected the 2012 Chair of CSFC.

Targeted Nominations for CSFC

CSFC voted to approve the following 2012 targeted nominations statement:

Nominees must be members of the Council of Representatives serving in the first or second year of their terms. CSFC is seeking nominees with the following background: Informed perspectives about strengths and weaknesses of governance and/or Council procedures, ability to appreciate organizational constraints and the needs of various constituencies, plus ability to provide leadership in facilitating the functioning of APA Council. Nominees should complement and balance the experience and background of its continuing members. CSFC encourages participation of newer members; members from underrepresented and diverse groups; candidates with leadership experience in both states and divisions; and those with expertise in strategic planning.

Mentoring Program for New Council Members

In March, CSFC reviewed the summary of feedback received regarding the mentoring program for new council members and opted to make the following changes:

  • Pass out and collect the request for mentors at the August Council meeting
  • Bill Strickland, PhD is to revise the "Checklist for Mentors" and return it to CSFC for approval
  • In the email communication to new Council members regarding the NCM orientations and dinner, include a reminder about the handbook and attach the "checklist for new members" page from the handbook.
  • Send the "checklist for new members" with the email regarding booking flights, etc.
  • In the Council Handbook, on pages 7 and 13, add "Business to business casual dress is typical during the meetings. However, dress on travel days can be more casual."
  • Send the "How to be a Mentor to your Successor" handout prior to convention.

New Council Member Orientation

At its March meeting, CSFC discussed the mini-orientation that was held in August 2010 to determine if it would like to change the timing or makeup of the session for 2011. It was decided that the session was fine and that no changes needed to be made at that time.

CSFC also discussed adding a budget presentation to the February Orientation. CSFC decided to remove the Introduction of Caucus Chairs from the schedule and in its place add a brief budget explanation by Susan Graves. In November, CSFC discussed ideas for what information should be included in the budget explanation and want to make it clear that they do not want the explanation to be a repeat of the CFO's or Treasurer's Reports. Topics for the new portion of orientation should include:

  • Operating budget
  • Net assets
  • How net worth is calculated
  • Why aren't the buildings included in net worth?
  • What is the rolling 3 year budget cycle?
  • What happens in a deficit?
  • What shows us that we are operating healthily?
  • "How to" on reading the budget materials

Also in March, CSFC reinstated the reception that was previously held at the APA building for New Council Members on the Saturday of the February Council meeting (the reception had been cancelled in previous years due to budget issues). Mentors to new members were also invited to the reception.

Council Debriefing Form

In March, CSFC considered what changes it would like to make to the debriefing form, and looked through the feedback to see if there are any suggestions it would like to make regarding Council. CSFC discussed who receives the debriefing form results, and decided it would like to share the results with the Good Governance Project Working Group, and with Council as an information item. CSFC would also like to look into using a qualitative analysis program to analyze the results and sort them into usable data.

At the November meeting, CSFC reviewed the summary of responses received from the Council Debriefing Form which was sent to all council members whose terms end December 31, 2011. One topic that kept coming up in the responses regarded the quality of mentoring for new council members. The quality of mentoring seemed to vary based on the mentor. In an attempt to ensure quality mentoring, CSFC edited the "Checklist for Mentors" and sent follow-up emails to mentors reminding them to contact their mentees right away with general meeting information and also once the agenda book is released. CSFC also discussed the change in schedule for the Convention Council meeting, and whether a survey should be sent out to Council members asking for feedback.

Diversity Training for Council Members

CSFC was asked to report to Council in August 2011 on how assessment of effectiveness of diversity training will be accomplished and any resources needed to carry out that evaluation. CSFC discussed various ways to evaluate the training and how to ensure that the training is carried out in a way that meets the proposed training requirements outlined in the "Final Report of the 2010 Working Group on Diversity Training." CSFC proposed that a member of CSFC be designated as a liaison to the group that is assigned to organize diversity training each meeting.

CSFC suggested that Diversity Training not be held in 2012 to allow time for CSFC to develop a more comprehensive evaluation. Additionally, for years beyond 2012, CSFC recommended to the BOD that diversity training be held every other year or every third year. In the event that the Board did recommend holding diversity training, CSFC suggested the following speakers/topics: Derald Wing Sue, PhD, on micro-aggressions and Elyn Saks, on schizophrenia.

NBI 31C — Engaging new Talent in APA Governance

CSFC reviewed New Business Item 31C: Engaging New Talent which put forward the idea that in the election process for all boards and committees, APA will add an asterisk by the name of candidates for a slate to indicate that the candidate is an early career psychologist and/or someone who has never served on a board or committee. This will enable nominators and voters to recognize candidates new to the APA governance process.

CSFC fully supported CECPs recommendation that two symbols be used to distinguish the two groups, specifically that there is one symbol to denote early career candidates and another to highlight candidates that are new to APA governance.

Board Honoraria Increase Methodology Proposal

CSFC and P&P were asked to make recommendations to Council regarding a change in the Board honoraria increase methodology. CSFC recommended that the basis for annual increases to honoraria after 2012 be changed from the CPI-U methodology to a method that looks at income movement in the marketplace based on an independently prepared annual comparability report for similar compensation in the marketplace.