Board of Convention Affairs Annual Report 2013

TO:Council of Representatives

THROUGH:Board of Directors

FROM:Board of Convention Affairs

DATE:February 20, 2014

SUBJECT:2013 Annual Report

The Board of Convention Affairs held two meetings in 2013 – March 15-17, 2013 and November 1-3, 2013.  Initial planning for the 2014 plenary sessions at the annual convention was implemented by the Central Programming Working Group, which met with the Board of Convention Affairs in November.

Implementation of the Convention Changes Approved by the Council Representatives

January 2013 – Conducted Training Session for 2014 Division Program Chairpersons.  Program chairs were informed of their role in developing themes and collaborative programs for the 2014 Convention.  Opportunities for program chairs to work together on collaborative programming were also provided.  Themes generated by the program chairs for consideration by the 2014 Central Programming Group are provided below.

May 2013 – 2014 Central Programming Group Meeting.  The Central Programming Group is composed of representatives from APAGS, BAPPI, BEA, BPA, BSA, CAPP, CEC, CODAPAR, CECP, and members of BCA.  During its meeting, the CPG developed language for submitting collaborative programs for inclusion in the “Call for Convention Proposals” and determined procedures and timeline for reviewing collaborative program proposals.  Divisions wish to be informed of decisions on accepting/rejecting collaborative proposals by December so “rejected” collaborative proposals can be integrated into the standard divisional program.

October 2013 – Allocation of 2014 Program Hours to Divisions.  A new formula for allocating a total of 1,000 program hours to Divisions – apportioning one vote for each registered member among all of his/her divisions as reflected in the APA membership database across the most recent past three conventions, i.e., 2011, 2012, and 2013 – was used.   The resulting proportional hours were added to a base of 10 hours assigned to each division; thus resulting in the allocated hours to each division for the 2014 Convention.

One of the results of using the new formula is a decrease in allotted hours from what has been assigned during past conventions (minimum of 21 hours).  To lessen the impact of hours reduction, divisions hours are being adjusted gradually over the next three conventions.  The language from Council’s minutes are provided below. 

“To allow time for divisions to get used to the new formula, the following adjustment will be made: Using the 2012 convention attendance as a baseline, in 2014 no division’s hours will be reduced more than 30%, in 2015 no more than 35%, and 2016 no more than 40%.”

The Board of Convention Affairs has modified the 2014 percentage reduction from 30% to 25%.

December 2013 – 2014 Central Programming Group Meeting.  The CPG finalized its decisions regarding the acceptance/rejection of proposals for collaborative programs.  A total of 78 collaborative programs will be scheduled by CPG during the 2014 Convention.