Regional Coordinators: Activities and Responsibilities

What Does a Coordinator Do?

As a regional coordinators (FEDAC), you will serve in a leadership capacity within your regional network. This includes:

  • Identify and recruit individuals to serve as Campus and Training Representatives (CTRs) at major universities and training sites within your region. 
  • Facilitate grassroots activities across your regional network, such as letter writing/email campaigns, phone calls, visits to Capitol Hill or district offices, briefings and testimony.
  • Attend the annual meeting, held each year in conjunction with the APA Education Leadership Conference.

How Much Time Do I Need to Devote?

It does not require a lot of your time to become a regional coordinator. On average, you might spend one hour each month on routine activities such as:

  • Phone and distribution list communications.
  • Respond to and/or forward FEDAC requests.

Each fall, you will attend the combined APA Education Leadership Conference and Annual FEDAC Meeting in Washinigton, D.C., which lasts for two and a half days. Meetings include keynote speakers, advocacy training and visits to Capitol Hill.

Who Will I Contact?

As a regional coordinator, you will interact with:

  • Staff members of APA's Education Government Relations Office.
  • Grassroots campus/training representatives in your region.
  • Liaisons for the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) and the Committee on Early Career Psychologists.
  • State grassroots counterparts.

Will There Be Any Expenses?

APA will reimburse all expenses associated FEDAC activity, such as mailings, telephone costs and the annual meeting.