EdGRO presents Summer 2012 Budget & Appropriations Updates

Good News: GPE Survives Another Round of Budget Battles

Once again, thanks to the many psychologists who came to Washington to participate in congressional hill visits, the Graduate Psychology Education (GPE) Program has survived another round of very difficult budget battles on Capitol Hill. With continued bi-partisan support, on June 14th the Senate Appropriations Committee voted to protect the GPE Program with level funding for FY 2013 — just under $3 million. In addition, the Senate Labor, Health, Human Services and Education (Labor-HHS-Education) Appropriations Subcommittee underscored the critical importance of the GPE Program with a very strong statement in its accompanying report:

"Graduate Psychology Education grants train psychology graduate students to provide supervised behavioral and mental health services to underserved populations. With significant numbers of returning war veterans and a rapidly growing generation of elderly, the Nation’s mental health infrastructure is certain to experience increased strain for years to come as individuals and their families increasingly turn to behavioral healthcare professionals in local communities. The Committee supports efforts to help integrate psychology trainees at Federally Qualified Health Centers to provide behavioral and mental health services to underserved populations, particularly those in rural America."

The House has not yet taken up its version of the FY 2013 Labor-HHS-Education budget bill. However, it is not expected that a House-Senate agreement will be reached on the Labor-HHS-Education FY 2013 bill until after the November elections. In the meantime the agencies will be funded at the FY 2012 level through a Continuing Resolution.

Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act Programs Funding Increased

The Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act (GLSMA) Campus Suicide Prevention program received $4.97 million from the Senate Labor, HHS, Education and Related Agencies Appropriations Committee for Fiscal Year 2013 which reflects level funding from last year. In addition, the program received $2.535 million from the Prevention and Public Health fund, an increase of $1 million from last fiscal year, providing a grand total of $7.5 million proposed for campus suicide prevention initiatives for the upcoming fiscal year. The GLSMA Youth Suicide State Grant program received $29.68 million and an additional $5.67 million from the Prevention and Public Health fund for a total of $35.35 million for FY'13 (as proposed by Senate), which is the same amount this program received in FY'12.  Finally, the GLSMA Suicide Prevention Resource Center received $4.95 million, which is the same as the FY'12 level.  In FY'12, the program had received $1 million from the Prevention Fund.  As stated above, the House Subcommittee has not yet marked up its FY'13 legislation. 

Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Program Funding Protected

The Elementary and Secondary School Counseling program received a proposed funding level of $52.3 million for FY’13. This is the same level of funding the program received last year. The President proposed eliminating funding for this program, instead consolidating those monies in a bigger fund, Safe and Healthy Students. The Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need, or GAANN program, was funded at a level of $30.9 million. This program is now home to both GAANN and the Javits program and the Senate Committee urged the Department of Education to ensure the arts, humanities and social science disciplines are eligible fields for new and continuing grants.

For a more complete listing of funding levels for education programs as proposed by the Senate Labor, HHS, Education and Related Agencies Subcommittee, please check on the Education GRO website later in the week.