Sharing effectiveness of Crisis Intervention Team training with policymakers

APA helps advance Memphis Model for addressing mental health issues in criminal justice system.

As the lead staff person at the American Psychological Association for military and veterans' policy, Heather Kelly of APA’s Science Government Relations Office was recently invited to participate in crisis intervention team (CIT) training at the Memphis (Tenn.) Police Department, developed and coordinated by psychologists at the University of Memphis and the Memphis VA Medical Center. 

The Memphis Model of CIT training, now in place throughout the country, is designed to educate local law enforcement personnel about mental health and illness, provide them with critical skills and strengthen formal and informal partnerships among a variety of community stakeholder organizations. With so many veterans in and returning to communities, it has become increasingly important for CIT programs to include training in veterans' experiences and their presenting issues.  

Kelly shared empirical evidence with policymakers in Memphis for model CIT programs' effectiveness in diverting veterans into mental health services when appropriate and for improving criminal justice outcomes.

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