APA launches Stand for Science District Campaign

Psychologists to meet with members of Congress in their home districts and states.

On Dec. 13, the American Psychological Association’s Science Government Relations Office launched the APA Stand for Science District Campaign. The effort represents a natural extension of a series of APA Science Leadership Conferences held in 2007, 2009 and 2011 designed to stimulate advocacy by individual scientists.  

In the current campaign, scientists who received previous advocacy training in Washington, D.C. will meet with their members of Congress in their home districts and states. Psychologists met with legislative staff during their participation in the leadership conferences, and in the new campaign they will meet with their actual members of the U.S. House and Senate.  

Members have been selected based on their assignment to key congressional committees of interest to scientific psychology. The initial invitation was extended to 150 of APA’s constituent scientists, and it is expected that additional scientists will become involved as the program grows. The aim is to encourage greater engagement between individuals within APA’s scientific community and their members of Congress and to establish science advocacy as a new social norm for researchers in psychology.

For more information contact Geoff Mumford.