Motor Vehicle Trauma

Whereas motor vehicle trauma causes damage to every system of the human body and every psychological and social system involving the victims of motor vehicle trauma; and

Whereas the great majority of these deaths, traumatic injuries, psychosocial, and financial losses could be prevented or significantly reduced through the application of available or potentially available but neglected countermeasures; and

Whereas we as behavioral scientists and practitioners have special expertise that can be applied to the prevention of motor vehicle trauma and its sequelae; and

Whereas the American Psychological Association herein declares that motor vehicle trauma prevention is rightfully a major concern of behavioral scientists and practitioners;

Therefore be it resolved that the American Psychological Association supports the American Academy of Pediatrics in its "The First Ride" project to see that all newborn babies ride properly protected in infant car safety seats, and in its general program to prevent/reduce infant and childhood motor vehicle trauma; and

Be it further resolved the APA will continue to work with the American Academy of Pediatrics and other groups to promote the prevention/reduction of motor vehicle trauma and its sequelae for Americans of all ages (Fox, 1987).

Council Policy Manual