psyccareers-liveIn 2014, APA completely revamped the PsycCareers LIVE and employer booths by creating a Career Fair hub within the exhibit hall. For the upcoming 2015 APA Annual Convention, employers can again expect an expanded, interactive Career Fair. This area is tailor-made to increase ROI for participating employers and create appeal and new value to psychology professionals in all stages of career development.

Features of the APA Career Fair include:

  • Centralized location inside the APA exhibit hall.
  • Career management speakers and activities in our new PsycCareers LIVE theater.
  • Preconvention marketing and job seeker registration.
  • Strategic marketing for PsycCareers LIVE throughout the APA convention.
  • Increased visibility for your company on
  • Access to the resume database.
  • Social media engagement.
  • Printed profile for exhibitors and supporters in the new PsycCareers LIVE Program Guide.

Employers can choose between reserving a 10’ x 10’ employer booth (employer provides their own display) or an employer pod (a tall table with high stools; no employer-provided signage) located inside PsycCareers LIVE.

Can’t attend convention in person or do you plan to be there but are unable to staff a booth full time?

We have a great option for you: The Supporter Package. You’ll get all the perks and exposure associated with participation in PsycCareers LIVE without the booth/pod or convention registration. Plus employer-provided promotional materials will be displayed and distributed in the Job Seeker Resources area of the Career Fair.

Go online to view the APA Career Fair Employer Prospectus (PDF, 1.19MB) for pricing, to get a look at the floor plan or to fill out a contract (PDF, 277KB) now.

For additional details or to reserve your booth or pod, contact: Cristina Farrara, PsycCareers LIVE sales manager.