Program review decision outcomes

Final accreditation decisions mailed 30 days following CoA program review meetings.

Consistent with AOP 4.5 (PDF, 164KB), programs under review will be sent written notification of the review outcome 30 days following the final day of the program review meeting. All meetings end on Sunday, and authorized representatives of reviewed programs may contact the office after noon ET on the following Tuesday to obtain the final decision. 

Note: OPCA will only be able to provide the year of the program’s next site visit (for accredited programs) over the telephone. Programs are randomly assigned to a review cycle the year prior to their site visit and will be notified of the due date for their self-study at that time. As a reminder, the information on the CoA website is the most current available to the public and statuses for programs receiving final decisions are updated 30 days following each program review meeting.