APA Psychology Partnerships Project (P3)

Mission Statement

Information about the mission, goals and stages of this exciting, innovative project designed to promote partnerships between psychology teachers in all academic settings.

Psychology Partnerships Project (P3): Academic Partnerships to Meet the Teaching and Learning Needs of the 21st Century

Sponsored by the Board of Educational Affairs and Education Directorate American Psychological Association

A project to foster communication and collaboration among teachers of psychology at all academic levels and between psychology teachers and other psychology professionals, teachers in other disciplines, business organizations and community groups to address teaching and learning needs in the 21st century.


This project will identify, establish, and nurture partnerships to promote the teaching of psychology and to encourage life-long learning in a diverse, changing world.


  1. Build on the accomplishments of previous APA conferences and initiatives.
  2. Foster on-going and systems-based relationships among high school, 2-year, 4-year, and graduate teachers of psychology.
  3. Promote mutually beneficial relationships between teachers of psychology and other psychology professionals, teachers in other disciplines who incorporate psychological concepts and knowledge into their teaching, and community and corporate organizations.
  4. Improve the teaching and learning of psychology by preparing teachers of psychology, fostering professional development of the teaching of psychology, and applying psychological principles to improve learning at all levels.
  5. Explore new avenues for psychological concepts in grades pre-K through 8, corporate settings, and community settings.