2004 APA Education Leadership Conference

Applying Psychological Science to Education in Psychology

The 2004 Education Leadership Conference (ELC) was held on September 10-13 in Washington, D.C., and included representatives from the numerous psychology education and training organizations.

At the 2004 ELC these representatives conducted a disciplinary self-study regarding how psychology applies its scientific knowledge base to education in psychology. The specific questions that were addressed by each participant are provided below.

In addition to the disciplinary self-study, there were also a series of mini-workshops on the application of psychological science in selected topic areas, an open forum on issues related to accreditation, a workshop on dealing with the media, and advocacy training in preparation for attendees to meet with legislators and/or staff on Capitol Hill.

An Individual and Disciplinary Self Study of Educational Practices: Questions to be Addressed
  1. Psychology’s roots as a science are in the cognitive, affective, behavioral and sociocultural aspects of learning and achievement. How well are we applying psychology’s own knowledge base to our educational practices in curriculum design, teaching/training, and creating “contexts of productive learning”?
    • What are our strengths?
    • What are our weaknesses?
    • What should we do differently?
  2. How can we as individuals and as education and training organizations promote the application of psychological science to education in psychology?

  3. What are the barriers/challenges to the application of psychological science to education in psychology? How might we address these challenges, or devise innovative means to get around barriers?

General Conference Information