2005 APA Education Leadership Conference

Dialogues on Diversity: Individual, Organizational and Epistemological

The 2005 Education Leadership Conference (ELC) was held on September 16-19. The conference, the theme of which was Dialogues on Diversity: Individual, Organizational and Epistemological, was attended by more than 140 leaders in psychology education representing 67 groups and organizations, including the psychology education and training councils, regional psychology associations, ethnic minority psychology associations and APA boards, committees and Divisions.

ELC participants had the opportunity to hear from recognized experts in the field who address different aspects of diversity. Some of the presenters and topics addressed at ELC 2005 include:

Epistemological Diversity in Psychology
  • Jill Morawski, PhD, History of the Discipline: Epistemological Roots

  • Roger Peterson, PhD, Cultures in Education and Training

  • Steve Hollon, PhD, Evidence-based practice: Case Study in Epistemological Dialogue

  • Mary Brabeck, PhD, Teaching and Learning Paradigms: Epistemological Differences

Individual Diversity
  • Luis Vargas, PhD, Epistemology, Individual Diversity, and the Elusive Concept of Culture

  • Donna Mertens, PhD, Research Strategies for Studying Diverse Populations

  • Janel Gauthier, PhD, Teaching Ethics in the Context of Individual and Cultural

  • A. Toy Caldwell-Colbert, PhD, Implications for Curriculum Development and Difficult Dialogues

ELC participants also discussed these issues in both the large group and smaller breakout groups. During the first set of breakout groups participants received experiential training on how to productively address difficult dialogues on diversity. A second set of breakout groups began to address a number of interorganizational relationships within the psychology education and training community.

Finally, the ELC was a major opportunity to advance APA’s education advocacy agenda. ELC participants received training on how to impact federal legislation through the media and direct lobbying of Members of Congress. Approximately 75 APA Members went to Capitol Hill to lobby for continued support of the Graduate Psychology Education program. ELC participants also had the opportunity to hear from and meet Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., the guest of honor at an ELC reception.

General Conference Information