How Do We Conduct a Program Review?

Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major  (PDF, 334KB)
Requires Adobe Acrobat  free download

Captures a set of optimal expectations of performance for psychology students at the completion of the baccalaureate degree. The document outlines 10 goals and learning outcomes that represent reasonable departmental expectations for the undergraduate psychology major.

Principles for Quality Undergraduate Education in Psychology
Adopted as APA policy in February 2011, this document articulates a set of recommendations for quality teaching and learning in psychology.

Assessment CyberGuide for Learning Goals and Outcomes in the Undergraduate Psychology Major
Prepared by the BEA Task Force on Psychology Major Competencies, the Assessment Cyberguide provides strategies for effective assessment planning; designing, critiquing and evaluating assessment strategies, and applying assessment strategies in psychology (2003).

Best Practices in Assessment: Top 10 Task Force Recommendations
Members of the Task Force on Undergraduate Psychology Learning Goals and Outcomes share some simple strategies for getting started in understanding the scope and intent of effective assessment planning.

Bibliography of Resources for Assessment in Psychology
A summary of helpful print and electronic resources that explore assessment issues in the discipline of psychology.

How to Obtain a Program Reviewer
Undergraduate departments of psychology in need of consultants to conduct program evaluations and related services can contact the Departmental (formerly, Undergraduate) Consulting Service (DCS). Although consultants do not deal with problems concerning individual faculty members, they can address general personnel issues such as promoting faculty development.