Noba announces the 2014 Student Video Award

$10,000 in student awards for active learning in 2014.

Noba’s mission is to bring the highest quality psychology learning materials to students everywhere for free. And we believe that students shouldn’t simply be passive recipients of knowledge. Noba is offering $10,000 in student awards for active learning in 2014.

We want students to bring the science of psychology to life in creative and memorable ways. The name of the game in 2014 is “Encoding & Decoding Memory.” We challenge students to choose a central concept related to memory from one of three online Noba chapters and create a short video that is engaging, memorable and will help other learners better understand the concept, phenomenon, or experiment that has been selected.

The three chapters to choose from are: 

  1. Factors Influencing Learning
  2. Memory (Encoding, Storage, Retrieval)
  3. Forgetting and Amnesia

Noba will award $6,000 for the top honor, $3,000 for second place and $1,000 for third place submissions. Winning videos will also be featured on Noba’s website within the chapter they focus on and become a part of the learning experience for other students.

The award guidelines and submission form are available online

The submission deadline is May 1, 2014. Contact Noba with any questions.