EBBP-Module Two: Search for Evidence

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The endorsement of evidence-based practice policy by all major health professions creates new challenges for educators and practitioners. The interdisciplinary Council for Training in Evidence-Based Behavioral Practice (EBBP) has developed online learning tools to help practitioners and students integrate research and practice in real-world conditions. This online training module, entitled Search for Evidence, introduces available online evidence resources and allows behavioral and social science professionals to develop skills to more effectively search for evidence.

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Learning Objectives
  • Formulate relevant foreground and/or background questions that guide their search for evidence,

  • Identify appropriate electronic resources and search strategies to find the evidence for different presenting problems,

  • Differentiate between varying types and levels of research evidence based on their utility in answering evidence-base practice questions, and

  • Distinguish between statistically significant results and results that are practically significant in real-world settings.

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