Social Pain: Neuropsychological and Health Implications of Loss and Exclusion

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This book provides the first comprehensive, multidisciplinary exploration of social pain, defined as the experience of pain as a result of interpersonal rejection or loss, such as rejection from a social group, bullying, or the loss of a loved one.
Learning Objectives
  • Explain how social pain can activate components of physical pain systems within the body.
  • Outline the evolutionary basis of social pain and trace the genetic, neurological, and physiological underpinnings of social pain.
  • Explain the implications of social pain for functioning in interpersonal relationships.
  • Describe the influence of painkillers on social emotions, the ability to relive past social hurts, and the relation of social pain to experiences of intimacy.
  • Identify the role of stress in social pain and the potential long-term health consequences of bullying.
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