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Mobile, social and wearable technologies are now enabling individuals to measure themselves and to integrate myriad forms of help and entertainment. Compelling mobile therapies will also emerge, involving contextually appropriate, entertaining and dynamic feedback to provide help in the context of daily life. This article reviews technical advances that can be applied to enhance assessment and intervention and dramatically increase access to psychotherapy. It is recommended that, in addition to exploring clinically oriented products, practitioners should support patients' use of direct-to-consumer applications in ways that align with therapeutic objectives.

Part of the APA Monitor’s CE Corner article series.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe advances in mobile, social and wearable computing that are relevant to psychology practice and research.

  • Explain options for psychologists to integrate mobile technology into clinical practice.

  • Explain concerns and limitations that should drive innovation in mobile computing.

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Margaret E. Morris, PhD and Adrian Aguilera, PhD.


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