Today’s time-strapped teachers want easy-to-access resources to help them manage their classrooms, engage students and see how they’re doing. During a Board of Educational Affairs session at APA’s Annual Convention, educators spotlighted three online teaching resources that can help:

  • Teaching Module on Bullying. Approximately 70 percent of middle and high school students report being the victim of bullying at least once before graduating, according to national surveys. APA’s online teaching module identifies the best interventions, offers tips on handling bullies and debunks bullying myths. It’s one of 10 modules created by APA’s Task Force on the Applications of Psychological Science to Teaching on topics teachers requested.

    One myth debunked in the module is that bullies tend to have low self-esteem. “Actually, they often think pretty highly of themselves,” said panelist Sandra Graham, PhD, of the University of California, Los Angeles.

  • Assessment Cyberguide 2.0. The online tool provides high school, community college and undergraduate teachers information on assessing psychology students’ progress. The guide includes links to online resources on learning outcomes and articles from the journal Teaching of Psychology that demonstrate innovative ways to assess learning.

  • The Online Psychology Laboratory. This lab includes dozens of psychology experiments and demonstrations teachers can assign to students or run in class. Among them are a replication of Endel Tulving’s classic recall and recognition research, the Stroop task and 22 statistical simulations. Students can also navigate through three-dimensional maps of the brain, or test their knowledge of neurons with the “Who wants to be a Mill-Neuron-Aire?” interactive quiz.