March 2013 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 44 No. 3
March 2013 Monitor on Psychology

On the Cover:
Like it or not, Facebook lures us in

  • What draws us to Facebook

    Psychologists and communication researchers are studying how Facebook so successfully lures us in.

  • 'Like' it, or not

    Psychology professors are making their courses a feature of their students' Facebook feeds in an effort to enliven class and enhance learning.

The genetic dawn of mental illness


The genetic dawn of mental illness

A genetic event 550 million years ago appears to have set the stage for our mental illnesses today.



A champion of change

As a psychologist with a visual impairment, Maria Dolores Cimini advocates for access to STEM education for today's students with disabilities.



Smarter than ever?

Over the past century, the average IQ in industrialized countries has risen to keep pace with the complexity of modern life. IQ researcher James Flynn discusses why those gains have occurred and whether they are likely to continue.

APA has disbursed its first ‘internship stimulus' awards to help institutions build much-needed accredited programs.


Building more internships

APA has disbursed its first ‘internship stimulus' awards to help institutions build much-needed accredited programs.

More PTSD among homeless vets

Homeless Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are more likely to be haunted by PTSD than homeless vets of previous eras.

Trash the ash

Curbing tobacco use — especially among vulnerable populations — requires targeting anti-smoking messages just as effectively as tobacco companies hawk cigarettes, said attendees at APA’s Tobacco Health Disparities meeting.

I/O psychology goes to Mars

Research by industrial-organizational psychologists is guiding efforts to promote team cohesion among astronauts during the longest-ever manned space voyage: NASA's planned 2030 trip to Mars.

The pre-Alzheimer's brain

Neuropsychologists are among those identifying precursors to Alzheimer's — work that someday might lead to treatments to slow the disease's progression.

Vulnerable patients

Psychologists are using distraction, exposure therapy and other strategies to ease anxiety among children who face medical scans, surgeries and other procedures.

Not your grandfather's CE

Continuing education is becoming more interactive, applied and research-based than ever before.

Predicting and preventing violence

APA's new Journal of Threat Assessment and Management will help police, social workers, human resource managers and others separate real threats from the cries for help.

APA now publishes Military Psychology

The move promises to increase the journal's reach and the number of timely and relevant articles on psychology's contributions to military life.

Nina Albanese-Kotar, PhD


Nina Albanese-Kotar, PhD

Meet Dr. Albanese-Kotar, a practitioner, Red Cross volunteer and marathon skier.