57th Conference of Experimental Psychologists

Presentations include experimental research from various fields of psychology (e.g., cognitive, social, developmental, clinical, biological, emotional/motivational psychology).
March 8-11, 2015

Southeastern Psychological Association Annual Meeting

The meeting will feature invited speakers presenting new and cutting edge research, continuing education workshops, posters, honors and awards and social events.
March 18-21, 2015

Ethical Issues and Diagnostic Mandates in an Era of Integrated Care

The third annual APA Professional Development Training Institute, hosted at the APA building in Washington, D.C., offers 14 CE credits.
March 20-21, 2015

Recent Press Releases

Basic Personality Changes Linked to Unemployment, Study Finds

Changes may add to challenge of finding new jobs
February 18, 2015

PSYCAS Soft Launch Update

February 17, 2015

American Psychological Association Survey Shows Money Stress Weighing on Americans’ Health Nationwide

Stress in America™ survey finds parents, younger generations and lower-income households have higher stress than others overall
February 4, 2015

APA in the News

Colleges are terrible at dealing with rape charges

State legislatures are debating surprisingly smart laws to bring justice to campus
February 25, 2015,

Your skin may reflect your psychological health

The emerging field of psychodermatology addresses connections between skin conditions and mental health
February 19, 2015, Huffington Post

The best-kept secret on Wall Street may be therapy

According to the American Psychological Association, issues related to money and work continue to be the most common stressors for adults in the U.S.
February 18, 2015, USA TODAY