March 19, 2013

Response to George Will’s Column about Same-Sex Marriage

Donald N. Bersoff, PhD, JD, writes letter to the editor pointing out inaccurate and misleading assertions in Washington Post column

George Will's column published March 15 — "The shaky science behind same-sex marriage" — is inaccurate and misleading. Contrary to Mr. Will's assertions, there are dozens of studies, both small and large, and all based on valid scientific methods, that have found no scientific evidence to deny marriage rights to same-sex couples.

Furthermore, there is no scientific basis for concluding that gay and lesbian parents are any less fit or capable than heterosexual parents or that their children are any less psychologically healthy and well-adjusted than children raised by heterosexual couples.

Laws that confer second-class status for same-sex couples and their families — as current California and federal laws do — make California and the federal government purveyors of harmful prejudice and discrimination and deny lesbian and gay people and their children the extensive legal, economic, social and psychological benefits that are associated with marriage.

Donald N. Bersoff, PhD, JD

The writer is the 2013 president of the American Psychological Association.