Psychology Videos

Compelling video, podcasts and other electronic media covering psychological research, psychology's application to everyday life and APA's work to advance the field.


Psychology's leading researchers discuss their latest findings in TED-style talks

Latest episode: Movement and Babies' Learning Environment

Linda Smith, PhD, explains why the way babies move determines what they see and what they see determines how they learn.

This is Psychology

Today's most intriguing psychological research, hosted by APA CEO Norman B. Anderson, PhD

Latest episode: Healthy workplaces

In this episode, David W. Ballard, PsyD, MBA, director of the APA Center for Organizational Excellence, gives examples of the many important roles that psychology plays in the workplace.

Teaching Psychology

Talks for high school psychology teachers to hone their craft

Latest episode: Brain Organization for Language

Christine Chiarello, PhD, reviews research that identifies which brain regions coordinate activity during language processing and how this activity is modulated by characteristics of the task, language experience and individual differences.

Monitor on Psychology and gradPSYCH magazine digital extras

How to make your workspace ergonomically correct

Alan Hedge, PhD, CPE, professor of ergonomics at Cornell University, offers tips for how to make your workspace ergonomically correct.

  • A Passion for Psychology
    In this video, several APA members talk about why they became psychologists, what they enjoy about psychology and the benefits of belonging to the American Psychological Association.

  • Odd Jobs: Meet a Circus Psychologist
    As senior performance psychologist for Cirque du Soleil, Madeleine Hallé helps the company's 1,300-plus artists perform nearly impossible feats at about two dozen different shows around the world.