Committee on Disability Issues in Psychology 2009 Annual Report


In 2009, the six members of the Committee on Disability Issues in Psychology (CDIP) were Randall Cox, PhD (Chair); Fong Chan, PhD; Elizabeth Cardoso, PhD; Julie Williams, PsyD; Delores Cimini, PhD; and Jesse Aros.

Liasons to the Committee

In 2009, the three liaisons to the Committee included Erica Johnson, PhD (Division 22, Rehabilitation Psychology); Tawny McManus, MA (APA Graduate Students), and Barbara Palombi, PhD (Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest).

Committee Mission

The defined mission of CDIP is to:

  • Promote the psychological welfare of people with disabilities

  • Promote the development and implementation of psychological service delivery models responsive to the needs of people with disabilities;

  • Promote the awareness of disability issues in psychological research as well as specific research activity in disability areas;

  • Promote inclusion of knowledge about disabilities and disability issues in education, training programs, and professional development of psychologists.

The Committee reports to Council through the Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest (BAPPI).

Committee Activities

The Committee identified the following priorities for 2009:

  • The development of disability competencies in training;

  • The recruitment and nomination of members with disabilities to other APA boards and committees; and

  • The promotion of awareness and knowledge of disability issues with psychology training programs.

Other CDIP projects of note include:

  • Published a paper on mentoring professionals and students with disabilities in psychology programs which will be published in the journal of Professional Psychology: Research and Practice.

  • Co-sponsored a symposium addressing "Best Practices of Integrated Care: Opportunities and Challenges" which highlighted models of integrated care across social status, disability status, age, multicultural representation, and chronic disease.

  • CDIP hosted a Conversation Hour featuring a discussion on Education and Training of Psychologists working with People with Disabilities. Bill Stiers, PhD, Division 22 President was this year's guest speaker. In addition, CDIP presented its second annual Mentoring Award; recipients were Dr. Arnold Abels and Dr. Kimberly Gorgens.

  • For the 4th consecutive year, former CDIP members joined efforts to offer the Continuing Education workshop, Ethical Practice Issues and Persons with Disabilities. Presenters included: Greg Taliaferro, PhD, Irene W. Leigh, PhD, Izabela Schultz, PhD, Cheryl Shigaki, PhD, and Alette Coble-Temple, PsyD.

Thank you to all of the CDIP members who helped to make our terms productive and enjoyable. We would like to extend a special thanks to our Staff Liaison, Anju Khubchandani, and Sara Laney, Office Coordinator who contributed their time and energy to such an important committee.