2011 CLGBTC Annual Report

2011 Members

Michael Mobley, PhD, Chair (2009-2011); Vic Muñoz, EdD (2009-2011); Ellyn Kaschak, PhD (2010-2012); Kevin Nadal PhD (2010-2012); Angela D. Ferguson, PhD (2011-2013); and Parrish L. Paul, PhD, HSP (2011-2013).

Members beginning their term on January 1, 2012 are: Helen H. Hsu, PsyD (2012-2014) and Jose Miranda, PsyD (2012-2014).

Diversity Report

The 2011 Committee included two members identifying as lesbians, three members identifying as gay men, and one member identifying as transgender and queer. One of the members was a senior psychologist, three members were mid-career psychologists, and two members were early career psychologists. Two members were European American, two members identified as African American, one member identified as Puerto Rican and one member identified as Filipino.

Committee Procedures

The committee established two subcommittees, (1) Dissemination and Implementation and (2) Science, as a means to monitor and achieve tasks on the committee’s agenda. The committee is drafting a new operating procedure regarding gender balance in the committee chairpersonship that takes into account persons who may not identify as female or male. The committee decided to discuss diversity implications, considerations and/or opportunities related to all committee agenda items. The committee has established a practice of self-introductions in which all attendees and visitors acknowledge their gender pronoun preference.

2010 CLGBTC Outstanding Achievement Award

Outstanding Achievement Awards were presented to Lisa M. Diamond, PhD, and Ilan H. Meyer, PhD.

2010 Convention Activities

The committee initiated a new CLGBTC Town Hall Meeting program format, developed by Dr. Michael Mobley and Dr. Vic Muñoz for the 2011 APA Convention in Washington, D.C. The primary purpose of the two CLGBTC Town Hall Meetings held was to inform APA members about the committee’s mission and goals and to offer a forum for APA members to provide feedback to the committee regarding LGBTQ psychology, issues, concerns, and communities in respect to APA academic and clinical training programs. The committee co-sponsored one Town Hall Meeting with CoRED, the Committee on Race and Ethnic Diversity of Division 44, The Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues. Dr. Nadine Nakamura and Dr. Karla Anhalt assisted with planning, coordinating, and facilitating: CLGBTC & CoRED - LGBTQI-2S Communities of Color. The second Town Hall Meeting was facilitated by CLGBTC Committee Members: CLGBTC & The LGBTQI-2S Psychology Community.

Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Transgender Clients

The committee established a joint Task Force with Division 44 to develop guidelines for psychological practice with transgender clients. Mobley, CLGBTC chair and Dr. Mark Pope, Division 44 president, oversaw the Task Force process with APA staff Clinton Anderson and Ron Schlittler. Co-Chairs for the Task Force are Drs. Anneliese Singh and lore m. dickey, and the other members presently are Drs. Walter O. Bockting, Kelly Ducheny, Laura Edwards-Leeper, Randal D. Ehrbar, and Michael L. Hendricks. The Co-Chairs have been asked by the committee and Division 44 to appoint three additional members to include female identified transgender or gender nonconforming identified individuals with representation from racial and ethnic communities to the Task Force.

Advocacy for Transgender Inclusion in APA Governance

The committee decided to request permission from the Board for the Advancement of Psychology in the Public Interest to submit an agenda item to the spring 2012 cross-cutting agenda. The item was developed by Muñoz, Nadal and Mobley. The committee has observed that transgender issues are often overlooked in various aspects of APA Governance. The proposed cross-cutting agenda item asks boards and committees to reflect upon ways that they can be more inclusive of transgender and gender nonconforming people in their governance and their practices, and consider ways that APA as a whole can be more inclusive of transgender and gender nonconforming people within APA governance overall.

Dissemination and Implementation

The CLGBTC Dissemination and Implementation Subcommittee and the National Council of School Professional Psychology (NCSPP) developed and piloted a workshop addressing affirmative practice with individuals experiencing conflict between their sexuality and their religion based on chapter 6 of the Report of the APA Task Force on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation. The workshop was accepted for presentation at the APA 2012 Annual Convention for CEU credit.


The committee updated the public general informational brochure Answers to Your Questions about Transgender People, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression with Muñoz and Nadal of the CLGBTC, and Dr. Hendricks, Division 44 CLGBTC liaison, taking the lead on the process.

CLGBTC Research Consortium: The Behavioral & Social Determinants of Health among Racial and Ethnic LGBT Minorities

The CLGBTC is seeking means to advance its science mission, which is “Encouraging Objective and Unbiased Research in Areas Relevant to Lesbian, Gay Male, Bisexual, and Transgender Adults and Youths, and the Social Impact of Such Research.” The committee supported the establishment of the LGBT Research Consortium currently being formed by Mobley. The committee asked that Mobley contact Dr. Jon Mohr to determine Division 44 level of interest.